We run a variety of events at The Women’s Holiday Centre, from short afternoons of tea and cake with local women to weekend-long workshops.


HWHC 12.17

Day 1

Gather at 7pm to open the space for our Winter Solstice Gathering.  We will light a candle and meet one another within the held space of our circle.  Here we can share our 2017 story to listening ears, using a ‘talking stick’ and lovingly held space.

7am – 10am –  Wrapped up warm, torches in hand and ready to see the new light; we will meet outside for our Sunrise walk. This will be a 3-4 mile circular walk to witness the Sun’s return. Whilst you walk, you may find something that embodies how you feel or how you relate to this moment – an object, a word, an image, a picture, a song? Take it with you – this is your Solstice gift.

10am – 1pm – Breakfast together, or alone. Enjoy the light and the relief it brings. Perhaps you are inspired to write, or draw, or be in stillness, or stretch. Lunch together, or alone. Let yourself be.

1pm – 3pm – Gather in the group room and lets see what this Solstice sun has given us all. Is there a way that they intertwine? Can we create something together from them all? Let us share creativity and create a token, a gift, an offering for the house from our Solstice gifts.

4pm – 6pm – Let’s create the most delicious, nourishing Solstice Feast together! Weave in our stories, our laughter, our learning, our power. Feed our darkened souls with the light of the Solstice sun.

6pm – 7pm – Solstice celebration meal together.

7pm – 10pm – Meeting in the group room. Deepening, wisening, listening, together. How do we contemplate, reflect, share, protect? What is a ‘deep question’? We will explore listening & sharing & find out!

Day 3 10am – Meet, greet and say farewell, wishing each other well on the road into the Light ahead of us. We will offer our own, unique conclusions on the gathering and the Sun, & close the circle.

Peace all!

IPSE Wilderness Therapy Weekend Workshop

January 19th – 21st 2018 (arrive from 3pm on Friday)



A therapeutic weekend based at Horton WHC in the beautiful Ribble Valley, with morning walks and afternoon art therapy sessions. The weekend is an opportunity for women to find a better connection with nature, and their own nature, through pair-sharing, group discussion and individual reflection and creative expression.

In the mornings, we will take guided wilderness walks, during which we will be invited to reflect and share our feelings around certain aspects of our lives, drawing inspiration from the landscape. In the afternoons, back at Horton WHC, we will be encouraged to find our unique voice through artistic experimentation. In the evenings, after a communal meal, there will be circle time where we will practice speaking our truth in a nurturing environment with confidence and honesty. There will also be time to laugh, rest and relax in the peaceful company of like-minded women.

Feedback from previous participants:

“Harmonious blend of connection with others and wilderness immersion”

“A really enjoyable women-only weekend of walking and self-exploration”


Income Facilitators’ rate Horton rate
£25,001 p/a or more £60 for the weekend 2 x £30 for accommodation
£18,001 – £25,000 p/a £50 for the weekend 2 x £25 for accommodation
£12,001 – £18,000 p/a £40 for the weekend 2 x £20 for accommodation
Up to £12,000 p/a £30 for the weekend 2 x £15 for accommodation
Emergency band £20 for the weekend 2 x £10 for accommodation

For full programme details contact Julia on

Sisterhood Circle

This event will be back in the New Year to meet once a month during term time. It is a group for exploring the power of sisterhood in a rapidly changing world. Women of all ages and beliefs are welcome.  No commitment to attend just turn up at the house.

Watch this space for times and dates, or contact Gill


Work Weeks

Veg growing in the garden

Veg growing in the garden

WATCH THIS SPACE FOR 2018 WORK WEEK DATES – or contact us if you have specific skills you would like to trade for a free nights stay.

The work weeks are usually held mid-week, twice a year, in order to take on specific major jobs eg. Gardening, repairs, redecorating, constructing. Recent work weeks have been well attended, with a satisfying list of jobs completed. Thank you to all you lovely women who have been so fab, the house couldn’t do with out you.

As you can imagine, with a house this size, there’s a wide range of jobs that need doing, so there should be something to suit everyone! In return for a minimum of 5 hrs work each day, you can stay for free. Travel expenses may be reimbursed. Email us for more details.

This is a great opportunity to share and learn skills, as well as to help keep the house looking lovely. Booking is essential, email the house for dates.

busy hands ...

We are always looking for women with particular skills in plastering, plumbing, painting, sewing, gardening etc. and of course women to help with lifting, cooking and cleaning. There is usually a range of jobs for a range of skills – from the DIY experienced to those of us who barely know one end of a hammer from another! It is always friendly and fun, and you are welcome to learn and share with others. For your efforts you will have lots of good food, good company and a free stay (you can also come for just a day or two). Please speak to a worker or email us for more details and to book a place, or to offer to cook or fundraise for a work week.

 Please see our support or fundraising web page for other ways you can offer either in the short or long term.

Older Boys Weeks

Occasional weeks or weekends are set aside for women to be able to bring boys up to their 15th birthday (boys up to their 11th birthday are welcome all year round). Please email us for more details. Boys up to their 15th birthday can also stay as part of a closed house booking at the discretion of the workers.

Dates for Older Boys Weeks 2018 to be announced soon.

Three Peaks Challenge

On the weekend of 22 & 23 June 2018, we will be offering a free stay at the house (on Friday and Saturday night) to anyone who commits to raising £100 in sponsorship for us to complete the Three Peaks Challenge. Ours will be a little different – if you don’t want to or can’t complete the peaks in 24 hours, you are welcome to take the whole weekend, or just do whichever ones would be a personal challenge for you. The most important thing is to have fun and raise some sponsorship – if you call us to discuss we can give you advice on how to do this.

Why not organise a fundraising event?

You can be sponsored to do ANYTHING, ANYWHERE! How about a sponsored silence, tiddlywinks, bridge playing, bike ride, book reading, knitting, not smoking, doing circuits of your local park, etc. Every penny goes towards the House, and means we can continue to make improvements.
email us or speak to the workers for more info + sponsor forms.

Tod Disco

A women-only disco held in Todmorden (West Yorkshire), usually on the second Saturday of each month, (not January) which organises occasional benefit nights for Horton WHC.

If you would like to receive a newsletter via either e-mail or post to keep you updated with news about the Womens Holiday Centre, then please email us


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