Please keep an eye on this page for upcoming activities and events held at the Womens Holiday Centre.

Past events have included:
  • Tarot reading
  • Sourdough bread making
  • Photography
  • Creative writing/poetry
  • Shamanic drumming/circle work
  • Hair and make up tutorials
  • Drama workshop
  • Basic BSL
  • Pampering weekend

If you have a skill that you would like to share at an event in the future, please get in touch at

Work Weeks

NEXT UP: Gardening Work week Monday 11th to Thursday 14th July 2022

Please see our Facebook group for details, or email us.

Do you have a specific skill you would like to trade for a free nights stay? Get in touch!

The work weeks are usually held mid-week, twice a year, in order to take on specific major jobs eg. Gardening, repairs, redecorating, constructing. Recent work weeks have been well attended, with a satisfying list of jobs completed. Thank you to all you lovely women who have been so fab, the house couldn’t do with out you.

In return for a minimum of 5 hrs work each day, you can stay for free, but this must be arranged in advance with the workers. Children over the age of 11 may accompany volunteers at the discretion of the workers, but usual charges apply for children unless they are also volunteering.
Travel expenses may be reimbursed. Email us for more details.

We are always looking for women with particular skills in plastering, plumbing, painting, sewing, gardening etc. and of course women to help with lifting, cooking and cleaning. There is usually a range of jobs for a range of skills – from the DIY experienced to those of us who barely know one end of a hammer from another! It is always friendly and fun, and you are welcome to learn and share with others. For your efforts you will have lots of good food, good company and a free stay (you can also come for just a day or two). Please speak to a worker or email us for more details and to book a place, or to offer to cook or fundraise for a work week.

 Please see our support or fundraising web page for other ways you can offer either in the short or long term.

Older Boys Weeks

Occasional weeks or weekends are set aside for women to be able to bring boys up to their 15th birthday (boys up to their 11th birthday are welcome all year round). Please email us for more details. Boys up to their 15th birthday can also stay as part of a closed house booking at the discretion of the workers.

Older Boys Weeks for 2022 are:

Monday 1st August to Sunday 7th August 2022

Friday 4th November to Sunday 6th November 2022

Why not organise a fundraising event?

You can be sponsored to do ANYTHING, ANYWHERE! How about a sponsored silence, tiddlywinks, bridge playing, bike ride, book reading, knitting, not smoking, doing circuits of your local park, etc. Every penny goes towards the House, and means we can continue to make improvements.
email us or speak to the workers for more info + sponsor forms.

Tod Disco

A women-only disco held in Todmorden (West Yorkshire), usually on the second Saturday of each month, (not January) which organises occasional benefit nights for Horton WHC.

If you would like to receive a newsletter via either e-mail or post to keep you updated with news and events about the Womens Holiday Centre, then please email us

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  1. Hi Sharlene – have you spoken to your GP about getting any support?

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