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The Women’s Holiday centre is one of the cheapest residential holiday centres in the UK, and it is our mission to be able to provide holiday accommodation to as many women and children as possible, as everyone deserves the right to a holiday!
We operate a sliding scale (see below) which you use to calculate what you pay for your night’s stay based on your ‘Gross Annual Income’.
Gross Annual Income is the total amount of your income including tax credits, housing benefits etc, before tax or anything else is taken off of it.

The lowest rate, £10, is an emergency rate for women with NO income.
The £15 rate is usually for women on JSA, ESA, Universal Credit.
The £20 rate is usually for those receiving tax credits and/or a state pension.

*Our running costs are £25 per person per night so if you can pay that or more, then please do.
If you can’t afford that, then that’s exactly why we have a sliding scale where you can pay what you can afford.

Our £30 rate is for those earning £19,500 or more a year, or who earn less but are able and willing to pay extra to support the WHC.

*Please make sure you include all income when working out how much you should pay eg. Benefits, Housing benefit, Tax Credits, carer’s allowance, pension etc.*

Total Monthly Income Total Weekly Income Price per night Children 2 and over
Children under two
Over £1,625 Over £375 £30.00 £10.00 per child £2 per child
£1,301 to £1,625 £301 to £375 *£25.00* £10.00 per child £2 per child
£976 to £1,300 £226 to £300 £20.00 £10.00 per child £2 per child
£651 to £975
£151 to £225
£15.00 £7.50 per child £2 per child
Emergency Band No benefits £10.00 £5.00 per child £2 per child

To guarantee your booking we must receive a deposit of at least half the amount of your stay within 5 days – by cheque made payable to “The Women’s Holiday Centre”, bank transfer (HSBC sort code 404031 account number 01018396) or PayPal (click on button on right).

Deposits are non-refundable, and are charged on a per-night basis. Without a deposit your booking will not be complete.

Please phone or email the house to book.
The most likely times to catch a worker are 10 am – 12 noon and 6 pm – 8 pm

If you pay by Paypal, please add a reference with your name and the dates you are staying or we wont know what the money is for. They do take a cut of the money paid on PayPal, so a cheque or bank transfer is better for the house. However, ensuring you pay a deposit quickly is the most important thing, so that it secures your booking.

The price per night includes the cost of your food, which you cook yourself.
Donations are always very welcome. We also welcome your support with fundraising.

The payment system is operated on trust. If you have less than £150 total income, inc housing benefit etc per week, then you are welcome to ask about paying on the emergency band. This is expected to only be for those women who are not in receipt of any benefits or other income.

There is no cashpoint in the village, and we cannot accept card payments, but there are cashpoints in Settle, and we have WiFi, so you can log in to your bank to transfer money, or you can pay via PayPal to “”.

We offer 3 nights for the price of 2 mid-week during term time on request (excluding Friday and Saturday).

The maximum number of nights per visit is 14.

There is no set booking out time, but please remember to add a donation if you eat lunch and/or an evening meal on the day of your departure

Group bookings

visitors at the WHC

Women coming in groups should still pay according to the sliding scale above eg. guests with income over £25,000 per year still pay £30 per night. The minimum rates below only apply when that is more than the total of what women pay as individuals.

Groups (both formal organised groups, or groups of friends) may book the whole house, closing it to other visitors. This must be for a minimum of two nights if it is at the weekend, with a minimum of 16 guests per night. The involvement of workers during this time can be negotiated, and boys up to their 15th birthday can come at the workers discretion. We usually only allow two closed-house bookings per month, and none during school holidays. The following minimum rates apply :-

  • Statutory and funded groups / organisations – minimum £300 per night
  • Informal and unfunded groups / organisations – minimum £200 per night
  • Meeting space only, without overnight stay – by arrangement with workers

Feel free to contact us about this, but please remember that these amounts are the minimum we need to sustain the house. It might be possible to negotiate a lower amount mid-week at off-peak times, and our “3 nights for the price of 2” mid-week offer during term time still applies for group bookings (excluding Friday and Saturday).

Meeting space for women’s groups

Workshops or meetings can be held at the house by prior arrangement, and we may be able to book the village hall for you, if this would be more appropriate. This can be as part of an overnight stay for some or all of your group, or just as a daytime event. It is also possible to arrange for the house facilities to be available for a daytime meeting, depending on how many other guests are staying at the time. Please discuss this with the worker when you phone or email to make a booking.


Charges are based on the same sliding scale as above, less £2 per adult per night. This includes food and the use of house facilities. Tents and bedding etc are not provided, although there are often spare duvets and pillows, so ask when booking!

Camping available in the garden!


  1. Can you please tell me what is the maximum number you can accommodate?


      • CLOSED HOUSE 20 (Plus Camping) OPEN HOUSE 16 (Plus Camping)
      • Platform = 11
      • Singles = 6
      • A/F= 2
      • Sweet Pea = 2
      • Playroom = 2 (Comfy double sofa bed for disabled person & extra bed)

  2. lesley edwards · · Reply

    can people stay a week in the house?

    1. Guests can stay up to two weeks.

  3. Kelsey · · Reply

    Is this only for residents of the UK, or are visitors from Canada welcome? If Canadians are welcome I am interested in staying on June 6th, though communication will be tricky until I am in the UK, as I do not have international calling.

    1. Hi Kelsey, women from around the world are all welcome here! Please email us on this address and we can get back to

  4. Emma bowes · · Reply

    Can you let me know if you have received my email plz 🙂

    1. Hi Emma, please use this email address, we have been having problems with our domain and emails.

  5. Jo Blenkinsop · · Reply

    I am looking for accommodation on Fri 25th Sept to Sun 27th Sept.

    Please can you confirm if you have any availability?

    My friend and I are doing the three peaks challenge.

    1. Hi Jo,
      Sorry for the delay. We do have spaces for that weekend – bookings are best done by phone (01729860207) or email ( though, as we don’t check messages here as often as we perhaps should! Hope to hear from you soon

  6. I’m looking to have a nice break in this country this year but live on disability benefits and don’t ever get away this year I’m studying an nvq3 and would love a week or two when I finish towards the end of June

    1. Hello, thanks for contacting us. We have availability at the end of June – do you have some dates in mind? If you’d like to call us to enquire about specific dates or to make a booking, our phone number is 01729 860207. Or you could email us on

  7. Hello my name is Paris and I would like to really love to come and stay.. As I really do need a holiday as me and my 13 year old have never had one… Um I’m 44 and I’d say a car crash life.. Im now into 3years living away from it all but suffer a bit from depression and anxiety that i am controlling now after 16years years of mental and physical abuse…. Your place sounds like a perfect place that I’d dream of to come. And stay…. So yhep please how do I go about comeing I live in Somerset but… I can travel well. Thanks Paris and milly

    1. Hello Paris

      I am a new worker at the Womens Holiday Centre and have just found some messages which look like they didn’t get replied to.

      I am really sorry if nobody replied to you, it sounds like you could do with a holiday.

      We are open 365 days a year and would love to hear from you.

      You are welcome to phone the house or email to discuss anything.

      Warm wishes, Claire

      01729 860207

  8. wendy game · · Reply

    Hu there
    I’m a single mother on a low basic wage part time income, I was wondering is it only females allowed at your place or can males come to, I have a 14 year old daughter and a 17 year old son who is still in full time education, can he come as well?

    1. Hi Wendy, thanks for getting in touch. Boys are able to stay at the house up until their 11th birthday (or 15th during older boys weeks which are upto 4 times a year).

      You and your daughter would be very welcome but unfortunately your son would not be able to stay. There is a campsite over the road where your son could stay so you could have a holiday together? hope this helps, kind regards, Amy

  9. Hi I’m desperate to get away for a couple of days. End of December 29/30 only trouble is I have 2 small dogs. Very friendly. Do you allow be on my own not been well and need a break. I could bring a tent. Could you please say if you have vacancies and are dogs allowed.

    1. HI Christine, I’m sorry we don’t have dogs staying here at all. I hope you find somewhere to get away still. Kind regards. Kat

  10. Sharlene ayres · · Reply

    Hi please can you let me know when you are open I thought now COVID a lot better you’d be open again

    1. Hi Sharlene, we are open from the 1st July 2022. Please get in touch via email at Thanks

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