Management Committee

Please email the house for details of meeting dates, and email the management committee if you’d like to enquire about joining.

The next management committee meetings will be held on:

Saturday 17th March at 2pm at Horton WHC

Saturday 28th-Sunday 29th April (AGM) at Horton WHC

Our last AGM took place in Bradford on 29th April.  During this engaging afternoon we discussed how to continue to make holidays possible for women and children – whatever their income.  We looked at:

  • Increasing our income– through more visitors, partnerships and widening our  fundraising
  • Renovating the coach house – to make self-contained worker accommodation and office space
  • Creating a history of Horton –celebrating 35 years of warm, welcoming and wonderfulful  space for women and children

A big thank you to the women who shared their ideas and experiences!

Are you our next new member?

We are always looking for new members to join us  with fresh energy and commitment!

Management committee meeting

Management committee meeting

What we want from you:-

  • Your commitment and energy
  • Your skills and ideas
  • Your ability to work with other MC members to form an effective committee

You need to be able to:-

  • Work within a committee
  • Communicate well
  • Listen to others
  • Make decisions
  • Get on well with other MC members
  • Fulfill the responsibilities of the MC


  • Agree, uphold and review the policy
  • Recruit, select, employ and manage the workers
  • Operate the centre’s grievance procedures
  • Ensure the workers have a supervisor
  • Regular attendance of meetings (3 hours minimum, every 4-6 weeks)
  • Take on a specific role at each meeting
  • At certain times, commitment to more time is necessary e.g. interview process
  • Attend appropriate training sessions
  • Publicity
  • Fundraising
  • Networking

What you get:-

  • Involvement in the magic of Horton by joining the large number of women and children who support the centre in different ways
  • Regular women-only space
  • New friends from all over the country
  • An increase in confidence
  • Work experience for a C.V. or application form
  • Training
  • Travel expenses for MC meetings – maximum £15.00 per return car or train/bus journey, or one night’s free stay at the House

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