Wish List

MOST NEEDED (updated Feb 2023)

For the house

Small end/bedside tables



White/distilled vinegar (preferably a big container)

Loose tea and organic coffee

Dry Senior cat food

Tinned tomatoes

Veg stock

Pasta (including gluten free options) /rice/lentils

Gluten free flours

Homemade jellies? Asking in case!

If you can help with any of these please email info@hortonwhc.org.uk. Every little helps 🙂

We could also do with any of these things:

Printer ink HP 302 (black and colors)  – we always need this!

Toilet roll! (Always!)

A  2nd desk for the workers!

A computer (the one we’ve got can get very slow and freezes regularly!)

For the garden

Loppers for live branches, pref. telescopic

Bench with storage

Items you could fund raise for

Bike Shed

Flyers printing so we can advertise the place and upcoming activities

If you are thinking of donating and would like it to go towards something specific on our wish list, please let us know when donating cash.

Large items

A desk and a computer!

At times we might welcome a fridge, freezer, cooker and other items of furniture – please contact us first if you are looking for a new home for any of these.

Please email us to check first before bringing us other things you’d like to donate – it’s difficult for us to store things, and then we may have to spend time getting it somewhere else. We will assume that it is OK to pass anything on to someone else who can benefit if we don’t actually need something that has been donated – 4 step ladders can be two too many!



  1. SarahJane · · Reply

    Hello, would you like a shed for the gatden? il check the measurements, but it is in parts at current as my parents have taken it down,
    but it is a decent shed for storage or potting shed.
    It is wooden and could be painted any color.
    Kind Regards Sarahjane

    1. Hi SarahJane,
      Sorry for the delay in anyone getting back to you 😦
      Please could you phone the house on 01729860207 and let the workers know more details if the shed is still available? Sounds promising – especially if you’re able to deliver? If not, then let them know where it is too, and we might be able to get someone else to pick it up?
      Thanks so much for thinking of us x

  2. Catriona Yule · · Reply

    do you still need pots and pans? Anything else kitchen wise needed?

    1. Hi Catriona, I think we are okay for pots and pans at the moment – we do need a blender (not a hand blender) if you happen to be able to get hold of one? We will edit the list to take off a few things which we’ve received just now, thanks for the prompt 🙂

  3. sharlene ayres · · Reply

    I donate wine chocs for you to raffle

    1. That’s really kind of you, thanks Sharlene. Sorry for the delay in responding!

  4. ann cornes · · Reply

    hi there do you still need Bath & Shower gels

  5. sharleneayres@hotmail.co.uk · · Reply

    do you no if tracy cagne mary lacey donna still go womans holiday bradford.

    1. Hi Sharlene

      I don’t know, I’ve only worked here a little while.
      We have a Facebook group, that might be a good place to put a shout out.

  6. teresa ayres · · Reply

    Hi does anyone know what happened to tracey mary donna from bradford cagney lacy

    1. Hello Teresa, I have posted your query on our facebook group. When did you come and stay to meet these women? (might help jog some memories)

  7. teresa ayres · · Reply

    I went to court friday with our local housing and shelter blackburn for eviction.i being drove insane.the witness is on landing ..now i evicted myself .i being crimillised by housing i got a woman on landing with a machetti knife i been set up .is there still one bus a day to horton .? And one train.? From knacked man in settle. Luckily i still got my disabled bus pass

    1. Hi Teresa, there are 3 buses a day to Horton from Settle and around 5 trains from Leeds. Please contact the house if you’d like help booking. Were on 01729860207 or info@hortonwhc.org.uk

  8. sharlene ayres · · Reply

    do you want my fridge it just needs a draw i been evicted i got to much clutter in flat baliffs take it washer doesnt need much doing to it i live burnley .i donatteed my kids pushchair to horton years ago

    1. Hi Sharlene, I’m sorry we didn’t see this before. Thankyou for thinking of us and I hope you are more settled now.

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