There's a fantastic dressing up box

The Womens Holiday Centre aims to be an informal, positive and stimulating place for children. And it is likely that you will visit while another family are staying and the children will be off making friends in no time!

  • All girls are welcome at all times and boys are welcome up to their 11th birthday at anytime.
  • Time for older boys, up to their 15th birthday, is arranged frequently throughout the year (see our events web page or calendar for the next older boys dates). The house is open to women without older boys too on these dates.
  • There is a large playroom and a play area in the big garden, both of which have a good range of imaginative and creative play equipment. The playroom also has art materials, an abundance of dressing up clothes and books, hula hoops and things to play outside on sunny days, as well as rainy-day activities.
  • Childcare is not provided by the workers, but the relaxed and co-operative environment means that children are usually entertained by playing with other children staying!
  • There are playing fields and swings in the village and a swimming pool in Settle and Ingleton.
  • There are numerous short walks that are suitable for children, toddlers and babies even! There is a baby carrier at the centre and a pushchair. there is also the river to go and paddle in on a sunny day.

Visitors are reminded that they are responsible for the children they bring, including their behaviour.

girls eating oranges

Young, first time visitors are always welcome

party time!

Party time!

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