ramped access to kitchen

Ramp access to House

We are committed to making changes to improve access, and welcome ideas and feedback about this, and suggestions about your own creative ways of improving access. At the moment :-

The house is only partially accessible.

  • There is an entrance ramp at the side door, and the workers will assist where possible.

  • There is an accessible toilet and shower on the ground floor, although it is not ideal (we are currently seeking a grant to renovate this).

  • All rooms on the ground floor are level access, but many electrical items, cooker, sockets etc are not at a height that suits most wheelchair users.

  • There are 5 steps up to the front door, with a grab rail, and with yellow lines painted on the edges of the steps.

  • There is a sensor-activated light at both entrance doors.

  • There are steps to the garden from the playroom and main living room, with a sensor-activated light, but no grab rail

  • A bed can be made up in the ground floor play room in a comfortable double sofa-bed. There is also a spare mattress for a friend/child/support worker.

  • There are no rails in the upstairs bathroom or showers.

  • We have a few items such as a walking frame, crutches, elephant feet. These are usually kept in the cellar when not in use.
  • Accredited support dogs are welcome, but no other animals are allowed, although the Centre has a cat to prevent mice due to the rural location. The cat is only allowed in certain areas, and not in bedrooms.

  • Visitors are encouraged to be sensitive to food allergies, but please notify us in advance if you have any allergies.
  • There is no smoking in the house at all, including e-cigs/vaping.

  • There is a sensor-activated light for coming downstairs in the night.

  • If you use a sharps bin, please bring your own and be considerate of other guests.  Please also take home and dispose of your own bins.
  • We are working towards increasing accessibility for all women.

Please contact us to discuss any particular requirements.

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