visitors at the WHC

visitors at the WHC

For bookings and more information, please call between 10am-8pm.

Most likely times to catch us are 10 am – 12 noon or 6 – 8 pm.

If you get the answer machine, then please leave us a message, and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.

As soon as you have checked there are vacancies, it is very important that you send a deposit of half of the cost of your stay to confirm your place.

Payments can be made via PayPal by using the button in the box on the right.

Deposits are non-refundable, and are charged on a per-night basis.

Please pay as much as you can afford (our running costs are £25 per person).

Annual Gross Income

Weekly Gross Income

Price per night

Children over two

Children under two

Over £25,000

Over £485


£10.00 per child

£2 per child

£18,001 to £25,000

£346 to £485


£10.00 per child

£2 per child

£12,001 to £18,000

£231 to £345


£10.00 per child

£2 per child

£8,001 to £12,000

£156 to £230


£7.50 per child

£2 per child

Up to £8,000

Up to £155


£5.00 per child

£2 per child

Donations above these amounts are welcome. We welcome your support with fundraising.

Please make sure you include all income when working out how much you should pay eg. Tax Credits, Housing benefits etc. The payment system is operated on trust, so please work out for yourself which is the correct amount for you to pay.

Please remember to add a donation if you eat lunch and/or an evening meal on the day of your departure

Group bookings

Groups (both formal organised groups, or groups of friends) may book the whole house, closing it to other visitors. This must be for a minimum of two nights if it is at the weekend. The involvement of workers during this time can be negotiated. We usually only allow two closed-house bookings per month. The following rates apply :-

  • Statutory and well-funded groups / organisations –
    minimum £300 per night
  • Partly-funded groups / organisations – minimum £250 per night
  • Voluntary and unfunded groups / organisations –
    minimum £180 per night

Feel free to contact us about this, but please remember that these amounts are the minimum we need to sustain the house. It might be possible to negotiate a lower amount at off-peak times, especially mid-week. Women coming in groups should still pay according to the sliding scale above eg. guests earning up to £25,000 per year still pay £25 per night. The minimum rates only apply when this is more than the total price on the individual rates.


Charges are based on the same sliding scale as above, less £2 per adult per night. This includes food and the use of house facilities. Tents etc are not provided.

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